Clean Space Clean Hearts is a small, independently owned local business. Kasey, community member and mom to the kiddo who came up with business name, enjoys her work and treating her clients like royalty. She pays great attention to detail, is thorough, and time efficient. She knows the importance of a clean and cozy space; in fact her son has learned this from her! He had asked if he should pick something up, and she said of course. He said "Clean space clean hearts! Right mom?"

Clean Space Clean Hearts is a small, independently owned and operated local business that can be summed up in three simple yet powerful words: probity, professionalism, and quality.

Kasey understands the importance of these three terms from a work aspect as well as a general everyday life aspect, in turn, bringing nothing but comfortability and trustworthiness to her clients.

Firstly, probity brings together the tried and proven methods of honesty and integrity in which Clean Space Clean Hearts operates on an everyday basis to exceed all expectations.

Next, professionalism inside and outside of a job location adheres to a client's personal set of standards and is never lacked here at Clean Space Clean Hearts. Professionalism involves but is not limited to demeanor, reliability, competence and ethics.

Last but most certainly not least is quality. Quality is brought in every single aspect of Clean Space Clean Hearts each visit that is made. We aim to satisfy the totality of features and characteristics of this service which enables the satisfaction of any given need that comes our way.

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